Mission Statement

Through collaboration, the Donegal HUB will empower the people of the Donegal community to improve the quality of their lives.

What We Do

The Donegal HUB strives to make relevant connections between the unique needs within the community and the tailored resources available to meet those needs. In addition, we work to educate the community about its members and to create opportunities to be involved.

Who We Are

The Donegal HUB is a collaborative effort by community service providers, educators, businesses, churches, individuals and non-profit agencies. 


The Donegal HUB exists because needs exist.  The Donegal Community is comprised of diverse socio- economic groups.  The Donegal area is isolated in many respects due to limited public transportation, access to medical, dental and psychological services.  Unlike more urban settings, our community lacks some of the commodities of a larger town or city, but still has many of the same barriers to self-empowerment and independence. The Donegal area has a rich history in benevolence and resolve to care for its community members.  The Donegal HUB acts as a touchpoint to give the Donegal community an opportunity to continue this tradition of embracing our neighbors and sharing the prosperity and inclusivity our community was founded on.

Get Involved

If you believe in the work being done through the Donegal HUB and would like a representative to speak at your church or civic group, please let us know.  If you know of or are offering a service/resource not on our resource list, please get in touch.  If you would like to learn more about the Donegal HUB join us at our monthly community meeting to find out what is happening. Jump into a project and make a difference!